Grandparents and grandkids share a special bond that is a real joy to witness – especially in our family! And it’s no surprise really. For many grandparents, it’s a second chance at parenting – but with more fun stuff and less responsibility.

And so, to celebrate National Grandparents Day this Sunday, we thought we’d share some of our favourite grandparents photos from our family portrait sessions.

Family photos are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate this special relationship and capture a particular moment in time forever. After all, we all know how quickly our kids grow up, but our parents do too! And how many times have your parents said, “I just want some nice photos with the grandkids!”

Family photography has changed a lot in just one generation. Our photos are quite different to those that your parents might have purchased for your family 20-30 years ago. Matching white t-shirts or stiff, formal poses are out and in its place is a relaxed, fun experience for the whole family.

Grandma and Grandpa with grankids

When it comes to including grandparents in your family portrait session, you have two options:

1. Ask your parents to come along to your own family session that you have already booked

2. Arrange a Whole Clan session – where all generations of the family come together for one epic session

No matter what you choose, the resulting photographs will be special family memories that you will treasure forever. Especially if your parents are ageing or live interstate/overseas – you may not get this opportunity again for years, if ever.

Here’s some of our top tips for a fabulous session:

Grandma and Grandkids

1. Timing is everything

If you’re struggling to find a time that everyone can be together, consider scheduling the session around a family reunion or special birthday celebration when everyone is in town. Not on the same day as the celebration (that’s for crazy people!) but the day before or following can work really well.

In the park with grandma and grandkids

2. Getting around

Discuss any mobility issues with us so we can plan the location accordingly and ensure elderly parents don’t have to walk far or the location is wheelchair accessible if necessary.

Grandparents and grandkid

3. Top of the morning

If you’re planning a Whole Clan session that includes young kids, choose the youngest and schedule the session start time to fit in with their sleep and feeding needs. Mornings tend to work best before youngies (and sometimes oldies) get too tired and cranky.

4. Celebrate the differences

If time allows, we will photograph each child with the grandparent to celebrate their individual relationship. If the kids are younger, this might mean cuddles and tickles, whereas for older grandkids we might ask some questions to get everyone smiling and laughing.

5. Share the love

Along with a whole family photo, we will also photograph lots of different family combinations including one of the grandparents together. When was the last time your parents had a beautiful photo taken of them as a couple?

Would you like some beautiful photos of your parents just like these ones? Give us a call on 8824 9808 and we can make it happen!