While the debate over marriage equality consumes the nation, it sometimes seems to get forgotten that there are already thousands of same-sex parent families who are just going about their daily lives. I’ve often wondered how many people out there are considering voting No simply because they don’t know any same-sex couples and haven’t seen that they have the same joys, laughs, struggles and reality as every one else.

So, today on the blog I’d like to introduce you to Louise and Toni and their two gorgeous, outdoors-loving kids.

We always ask parents what makes their kids laugh and for these guys the list was long…. their dog Darcy, jumping on the trampoline, water, puddles, playing monsters and cubbies, chasing bubbles, dancing together…. just to name a few!

While Darcy wasn’t able to make an appearance on the day and there was no trampoline in sight, that didn’t mean there wasn’t lots of laughter throughout our session. We hope we captured just what Toni and Louise love most about their kids:

“Their ability to love – each other and the way they openly love us. I love their determination to do something even when it frustrates them. I love their intense hugs. I love their stories and the expression they put into them.”

After all, love is love. 
Boy and a girl and their mums
Little Girl and Her Mum
Mum and baby boy
Pretty little girl
Mum carrying daughter in the park
Walking little boy in the park
little girl hugging mum